S1 Standing Lion Statue

S2 Resting Lion Statue

S3 Standing Lion Statue

S4 Kneeling Female Statue

(Back View) 

S5 Female Statue Pouring Water from Vase 

S4 Kneeling Female Statue

(Front View) 

S6 Sitting Female with Necklace Statue

(Front View)

S7 Male Statue

S6 Sitting Female with Necklace Statue

(Back View)

S8 Bathing Female Statue

S9 Contemplating Female Statue

S10 Bathing Female Statue

S11 Bathing Female Statue with Cherub

S12 Dancing Female Bather Statue

S13 Female Statue with Small Ball

S14 Female and Male Angel Statue

S15 Angel Rescuing Butterfly Statue

S16 Angel Prayers Statue with Rose in Hand 

S17 Singing Cherubs Statue

S18 Sweet Cherub Kisses Statue 

S19 Little Girl and Boy Statue

S20 Modern Female Statue

S21 Modern Flowing Hair Female Statue

S22 Modern Mother with Child Statue

S23 Bathing Female Statue

S24 Bathing Female Statue

S25 Bathing Female Statue

S26 Male Statue

S27 Bathing Statues

S28 Male with Cane and Vase Statue

S29 Female with Roses Statue

S30 Female and Playing Cherub Statue


S31 Female with Vase Statue 


S32 Sweet Dreams Little Girl Statue


S33 Laid Back Little Girl Statue


S34 Sweet Dreams Little Boy Statue


S35 Angel with Scroll Statue


S36 Angel Statue


S37 Angel with Cross Statue

S38 Resting Female Statue
S39 Virgin Mary Statue
S40 Peaceful Dreams Female Statue
S41 Clothed Female Statue
S42 Female on Staircase Statue
S43 Harvest Female Statue
S44 Male Soldier Statues
S45 Female Statue
S46 Deer Family Statue
S47 Victorian Female Statue
S48 Dancing Female Statue
S49 Victorian Female Statue
S50 Female with Rose Statue
S51 Children on Swing Statue
S52 Angel Statue
S53 Male Bust
S54 Weeping Angel Statue
S55 Female Bust
S56 Male Bust
S57 Female with Birds Statue
S58 Male Bust
S59 Female Bust
S60 Day Dreamer Bust
S61 No Pictures Please! Bust

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